Cats in the cradle

Ever since I was a baby, there always used to be a cat with me inside the crib and I grew up loving these creatures as if they were part of my family. Today, as I’m unfortunately not able to bring them all home, I try to do my best by working for the well-being of as many as I possibly can. Animals need husbandry, need treatment and protecting the wellfare of an animal means not only meeting its physical, but also its mental and affective needs. For this reason I decided since I started this project of mine that I would use the reach of my music to work on their behalf. I think music is a powerful weapon and shouldn’t be regarded as party fuel only. If you are gifted to make music, you are responsible for the message you communicate and for the power you have to influence those who appreciate your work. You may be thinking that I’m just an old fart who thinks he can still play some Rock & Roll, but I invite you to get to know me a little better and maybe you’ll see that we have lots in common. Welcome to my world!

You can make a difference

Either you LISTEN ON YOUR FAVORITE PLAYER OR DOWNLOAD, the income generated by DIRTY SWEDE’s songs is 100% reverted to animal causes, such as GALPÃO MOTOR ROCK in Votorantim SP Brazil.

Accessing BandCamp on the player below you can contribute with any amount you like, buying tracks starting at $0.50.

Adding to your Spotify playlist by clicking below, or to any other streaming app you fancy, you contribute with $0.01 every 10 times you listen, without having to open your wallet.

Spread the news and CAThanks a lot!

And the cradle will rock

That's what friends have to say

"That singer's awesome! Got a little bit of a Smashing Pumpkins vibe to the vocal, but it's a little bit more aggressive than that."

The man who makes it happen

Here’s a message from Beijoca on behalf of Galpão Motor Rock, the place which is haven for over 50 unwanted, disabled & traumatised cats.

The first time I played Galpão as DIRTY SWEDE I immediately felt at home and compelled to be a part of this project up close. The way I found to collect some money for them whenever possible, in addition to taking part in charitable events, was the transfer of streaming income. However, I also try to share gig’s cachet, after logistics expenses covered, and part of the profit from merch sales, as well as pre-release campaigns for new songs with the download sales.

Committing to the needs of others is very satisfying and heartwarming. So, here’s my invitation for you to also reserve some of your time and practice solidarity.

A more than savage formula

Last year I had the privilege of being invited to include a song of mine in the soundtrack of the movie Savage Formula, by Brazilian director Flávio Carnielli. It seems that my latest single Drowning, a dense track with melancholic lyrics, fit like a glove to the plot which takes place in a fictional Latin American country in the early 1980s, where a deranged dictator forces citizens to participate in deadly auto races until death in the name of “the nation’s well being”.

Produced completely independently and soon available on the São Paulo Culture System, the film has already been screened at Horror Realm Con (USA), Weekend of Fear (Germany), BAFICI (Argentina) and Manaus Film Horror Festival, Festival Boca do Inferno and Mostra Crash Internacional de Cinema Fantástico here in Brazil. Flávio Carnielli, born in Paulínia-SP, is also the director of Jana Contra a Máquina do Tempo, Boneca, Eternidade and Antônia, among many others, all of them internationally awarded.

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Never Say Goodbye - Portuguese